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Think Central - online HSP Math Resource
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Think Central

Think Central is an online resource to accompany our math curriculum, HSP California Math.  Here you will find a student "eBook" that matches the printed colored pages your student brings home daily, "iTools," or virtual math manipulatives, and online math content readers.

To Access Think Central:

1.  Click the following link:
2.  Select your organization.
  • Select State: California
  • Select District: Western Placer Unified
  • Select School: Carlin C. Coppin Elem
3. Enter your login information.
  • User name:  First name and last initial, no spaces.
  • Password: wpusd
4.  Click "Login."


Student eBook

The student eBook is an online version of the math textbook that your student brings home daily.  The student eBook has several helpful features that can help reinforce concepts that were learned in class.

To use the student eBook:

1.  Click on the current Unit. 
2.  Click on the current Chapter. 
3.  Click on the current Lesson. 
  • Chapter and Lesson information can be found on the bottom of the page your child completed in class.
  • Unit 1: Chapters 1-4
  • Unit 2: Chapters 5-8
  • Unit 3: Chapters 9-12
  • Unit 4: Chapters 13-17
  • Unit 5: Chapters 18-20
  • Unit 6: Chapters 21-24
eBook resources available for the current Lesson:

  • Vocabulary - an overview of the math vocabulary words and definitions
  • iTools - virtual manipulatives (linking cubes, two-color counters, number lines, etc.)
  • Activities - other games and/or songs to reinforce concepts
  • Chapter Intervention (lifesaver) - a virtual lesson to reteach the concept learned in class
  • Mega Math - fun math games that reinforce concepts

Think Central Family User Guide

Access the Think Central Family User Guide here.

Though Think Central has many features, our class will mainly be using the "Library" section.
Please refer to the following pages in the Family User Guide to help you navigate Think Central:

Page 12 - Student Desktop
Page 13 - Library
Page 15 - Student Resources
Page 16 - Student eBooks
Page 18 - Mega Math and iTools
Page 23 - System Requirements

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